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so as confusing as one can be. someone has totally confused me. i really have no idea what i'm suppose to think of anything at all.

so something happen between my ex, and i. and he assumes that i don't care about him, and other people seem to care about him more then me. well when i tryed to call him, and see if things were okay he told me that he never wanted to talk to me again, and i was basically a stupid whore.

yeah that's special love for you right there. anyways, so some time passed, and we asked each other for our things back. well he then asked me if i was going to be going to a concert. why it was any of his buisness i'll never know. i told him no, but my friends got me to go anyways. where they made sure that i didn't get to see him at all. which i was happy about.

then we give each other our things back, and he asked me if i knew about the Tori Amos concert coming up. no i didn't. well he let's me know when tickets go on sale. and then i had to see him the next week cause he forgot my chess board that i got for chirstmas. well he was being nice again, and then asked me if i got the tickets. and i told him no, i couldn't afford it this week. "neither could I"

why does it matter. i don't understand it. is there something that i'm not getting. can someone else clue me into the things i can not seem to understand about all of this.
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